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    Community Guidlines

    NulledHost Community Guidelines We like to keep it simple at NulledHost, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind to make your stay enjoyable. These guidelines are here to protect those who post just as much as they are designed to assist those who moderate. By posting here at NulledHost, you agree to abide by these guidelines and waive any right to continued membership should we deem it necessary to terminate said membership. Accounting One account per user. You are not permitted to access another user's account, ever. Vulgar, offensive or otherwise obscene usernames will result in a ban. Impersonating Staff, popular trademarks, or other misleading names is forbidden. Nude or sexual profile photos, profile cover photos, and signatures are forbidden. Posting This is an English-speaking forum. Use a translator or your post will be removed. Familiarize yourself with the board. Posting in the correct forums will provide you with more timely replies. Please take a moment to search for a solution to your problem before posting a support topic. Please use descriptive topic titles. Topics like "Help!", "Look", or "Error" are not acceptable and will be removed. Advanced Members and above, including Donators, may submit file requests. Do not post file requests in the incorrect forums. Think of the human. If you're giving criticism, try to be as constructive as possible and be respectful. Flaming will not be tolerated. If a topic is locked by a Staff member, leave it. Do not create a duplicate topic. You may only bump your topic once every two (2) days, from the date of the last post. Bumping is not permitted anywhere else on this site. Please avoid replying to "dead" topics unless you have something truly constructive to add. Typically, topics older than 1-2 weeks are considered dead. Off-topic threads do not apply. Responding to any content with "thanks", "good", "cool" or anything of the sort is considered spam. This includes one-word responses or "welcome" posts in intro topics. If you feel the need to express gratitude, use the reputation system, the review system, or thank them via PM. When posting a lengthy amount of code, don't just wrap it in Code tags, wrap the code and the Code tags in Spoiler tags. This prevents having to scroll endlessly to move past the code when viewing a topic. Copy / pasting the same message in created topics or creating several pointless spam topics in an effort to fraudulently increase your post count or for any other reason is prohibited. Miscellaneous Do NOT send unsolicited support requests to other users or Staff. This includes content that is sexual in nature, solicitation of funds, unsolicited advertising of your site or services, as well as support, product, or service requests. Failure to comply may result in PM and/or account suspensions. This includes asking for support via Discord outside of the intended #support channel. NulledHost is not a "hacking" community. Discussions of how or encouragement to "hack" (DDOS, etc) will result in suspension(s). You may not use our service(s) as a means to create, promote, or otherwise facilitate websites or communities that are similar in nature to NulledHost, most especially file sharing. While we want to inspire creativity and promote freedom on the internet, we do not provide support for websites that are pornographic in nature. Any content that involves vulnerabilities, compromises their account, or exposes end-users to potentially malicious code is not permitted here. Status updates are not to be used for requesting support, complaining about other users or Staff, or for advertisements of your site, services, or needs. Signatures You may advertise your website in your signature, but it must not be of a similar nature to NulledHostor a third-party hosting provider and it cannot contain pornography or other lewd materials. If you become inactive at NulledHost, your signature may be removed. You may not advertise for Staff positions in your signature. If you are banned at NulledHost, your signature will be removed. We will also remove signatures that are nasty and/or not in the spirit of our community guidelines (and you may have action taken against you for that). One site link per signature, please. Pictures are permitted within signatures but keep in mind that large images or images that cause forum lag will be removed. We don't want your signature to hinder the browsing experience of others. Obviously, pictures must comply with our community guidelines. Please refrain from using excessive multi-colored text, flash graphics, or otherwise obnoxious images in your signatures. These are annoying and distracting. In addition, please refrain from using excessive special characters and emoticons in your signatures. Again, these are very distracting. Finally, do not increase the text size to make your forum signature "stand out". The standard text size is absolutely fine. Let's keep the text in signatures somewhat uniform, as crazy varieties just make the forum look sloppy and distracting. If you have any questions or if you're hesitant about posting something somewhere, feel free to PM one of our Staff members. We typically reply within a day. This rules may change without any notice from the staff team, in which it is your duty to regularly read the rules for any slight changes.
  2. https://scriptznull.nl is blacklisted ? lets see and codecanyon.com https://codecanyon.com
  3. Version 1.0.0

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    test member logoo


  4. Version 1.0.0

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    this is test logo


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    UPLOADING FILES ON NULLEDHOST. Contributors can upload files to nulledhost without any restrictions, if you are newly registered user you can not upload files as new members are not allowed to upload anything untill they are CONTRIBUTORS to became a contributor you should have posted 10 threads on forum. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is not allowed? If you upload a file to nulledhost be sure it doesn't fall under below guidelines. •|• File should not be too old that doesn't work on latest softwares / PHP versions. •|• File should not have backdoors / shell inside code. •|• Phishing / Hacking is strictly prohibited if your upload file for Hacking purpose at file has Phishing content inside your account will be terminated. •|• Phishing is allowed only if you clearly describe in file description and software/code is made for phishing purpose i.e KEYLOGGERS etc. •|• File Should not be password protected. •|• You can not share other forum/website links in downloads, You have to upload to nulledhost directly. PAID FILES & FREE FILES. Each file you upload should be uploaded as PAID file if you set file as FREE we will moderate and if file needs to marked as paid we will change FREE file to PAID file. For PAID files you can not set PRICE higher than 20$ price for paid files should be between 1$ - 20$. DUPLICATE / FILE ALREADY EXISTS. Before uploading a file make sure same file is not already uploaded on forum if you still upload same file make sure you can provide regular updates and will reply to comment of users. How to upload? It's super easy to upload on nulledhost please keep some points in mind while uploading. •|• Choose correct category while uploading on step 1. •|• Upload file should be valid original file max size of single file is 1GB. •|• Screenshot can be uploaded it's optional but we suggest to upload few to help users understand what you have uploaded. DO NOT POST SCREENSHOT in Description. •|• Name the file with correct wording and should me sense if you upload a file from codecanyon copy file name from codecanyon and paste in NAME field. •|• Description - if you nulled file a file or know name of person who has nulled file give credits in top of description. Avoid posting images / screenshots in DESCRIPTION please upload screenshots in SCREENSHOT in step 3. DO NOT POST CHANGLOGS IN DESCRIPTION. •|• Please make sure you provide valid DEMO links and other required fields if file is NULLED and you are sure choose NULLED. Lastly choose nearest server where you want to upload your file.... Did we missed something? You can message us or write to us in CONTACT US at bottom. You can also message Administrators
  6. SuperMan


    DOWNLOADING FROM NULLEDHOST Downloading from nulledhost.com is free but some PAID Downloads need you to have NVC (POINTS) or you can pay via PAYPAL (as donation) . Before Downloading make sure you read what is Not Allowed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT IS NOT ALLOWED? •|• You can not Sell / Rent anyone using file you have downloaded from nulledhost.com •|• You are not allowed to Share files on other websites/forum without giving credit to nulledhost. WHY ARE PAID DOWNLOADS? •|• Paid downloads are files uploaders set a price from 1$ - 20$ to make sure users will not download just for fun. We want users to be a part of forum in order to download paid files. Paid files can be downloaded with NVC or PAYAPL? HOW CAN I DOWNLOAD PAID FILES? •|• Paid files can be downloaded for free and by paying real money. •|• Using NVC you can download paid files NVC is virtual currency used at nulledhost it's free to earn NVC 10 NVC = 1$ to download a 1$ file you need to redeem 10NVC. Learn more HOW TO EARN & REDEEM NVC. Optionally if you want to make a contribution you can pay real money using PAYPAL at checkout but it's optional. TYPES OF DOWNLOADS? FREE FILES Files are uploaded in 2 manners PAID and FREE files, While Free files does not need CREDITS / Money in order to download but based of User Groups Guests can not download anything for nulledhost.com to download user has to have an valid account at nulledhost.com. Regular Users ( MEMBERS) are registered users and can download Free Files with speed limit of 128kb and 1 file at same time and user post count must be up to 10 ( can be changed anytime). Contributor is group of users with no Limits on Downloading Speed and can download 20 files at same time. MEMBERS with 50+ posts are automatically assigned to CONTRIBUTOR group. PAID FILES Paid Files are uploaded by users and marked as paid these files costs from 1$ to 20$. Users can download PAID files either by paying via PAYPAL or Using virtual balance in account NVC. NVC (Nulled Virtual Coins) are earned by using forum. Example : Users signup earns 250 NVC and Creating Post/Uploading Files Earns 250NVC + Reply on post 5NVC and Linking a post gives upto 5NVC. These NVC are added to your account automatically but are not usable until you redeem your NVC. 10 NVC = 1$ - So if a file costs 10$ ( 10 USD ) You have to redeem 100NVC. User can redeem maximum 2000 NVC at once. CLICK HERE TO UNDERSTAND NVC , REDEEM NVC , EARNING NVC . You Can redeem your NVC by click REDEEM MY POINTS on visiting this URL https://nulledhost.com/index.php?/points/redeem/request/ Download Files From NulledHost. All files on nulledhost are uploaded by forum users for good deed and you are free to download any file that you need. We continuously moderate users and files to avoid Spam and Hacking but still we do not promise that all content available on nulledhost if Safe. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. KEEP IN MIND : You may not be able to make a dream project using a NULLED software/script/code All these files are just for Learning / Testing purpose. Instead of purchasing something you can use Nulled copy to understand what it is? will it work for you? YOU CAN USE NULLED stuff for any kind of purpose.
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  9. Version 1.0.0


    This Is Test Logo


  10. Version 1.0.0

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  11. Version 1.0.0

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    Hello This Is Test File


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    Version 3


    This is test file


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    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation


NULLEDHOST is community forum maintained by volunteer developers. Explore 100% free NULLED scripts, codes, software's, apps

If you love what we do here contribute by uploading stuff for other users and consider a donation


NULLEDHOST is community forum maintained by volunteer developers. Explore 100% free NULLED scripts, codes, software's, apps

If you love what we do here contribute by uploading stuff for other users and consider a donation

Earning & USING NVC

NULLEDHOST is community forum maintained by volunteer developers. Explore 100% free NULLED scripts, codes, software's, apps

If you love what we do here contribute by uploading stuff for other users and consider a donation
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